Road Trip 2011

Portrait of Participants, Goha Bridge
Portrait of Participants, Goha Bridge | IB 2011

The 3rd edition of the road trip project took place between November 2  and December 16, 2011. Up to 8 artists (from Nigeria, Ghana and Sudan) travelled about 12 000 km from Lagos (Nigeria) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Participants included some of the old members as well as new members from the four countries involved. The group made stops of about five to seven days in the capital and important cities of Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia to create work in collaboration with the indigenous artists in the cities, while networking within the art community. Once again, the approach was to focus on creating works which revealed the richness of the daily living of the people and the interactions with their environment – images that usually go unnoticed in the quest for blatant headlines. But did not deter the artists from exploring themes centered on socio-political discourses prevalent in the continent. _____________________________________


  1. Emeka Okereke (Photographer)
  2. Nana Oforiatta-Ayim (Writer / Cultural Historian)
  3. Tom Saater (Photographer)
  4. Emmanuel Iduma (Writer)
  5. Ray Daniels Okeugo (Photographer)
  6. Ala Kheir (Photographer)
  7. Kemi Akin-Nibosun (Photographer)
  8. Jumoke Sanwo (Photographer)




Iconic Images from the Trip


Video Documentary

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