Road Trip 2009

Line-up | Uche James-Iroha  |IB 2009
Line-up | Uche James-Iroha |IB 2009

Inspired by the 8th edition of the Bamako Photography Encounters 2009, 10 Nigerians made up of photographers and writers made a road trip to Bamako from Lagos in a black Volkswagen Mini bus. This project arose as a result of an urgent need to address the notion of dividing borders between countries in the African continent. It might sound paradoxical that while travelling by air might seem a lot faster and much more stress-free, it indeed suggests a feeling of immense “distance” between places, given that one might call the singular borders suggested by the airport terminals as “virtual”, not tangible, providing a rather fictitious notion of displacement in real time; more so due to the absence of land scapes and other elements which serves as visual testimony to distance covered. Therefore this project is an attempt to acquire a much realistic sense of the similarities and difference between peoples suggested by cultural and geographical lines. _____________________________________


  1. Uche James Iroha
  2. Lucy Azubuike
  3. Emeka Okereke
  4. Amaize Ojeikere
  5. Uche Okpa Iroha
  6. Ray Daniels Okeugo
  7. Unoma Giese
  8. Chriss Nwobu
  9. Nike Ojeikere
  10. Charles Okereke




Iconic Images from the Trip


Video Documentary

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