Invisible Borders 2011 (3rd Edition)

Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Initiative is proud to announce the 3rd edition of the road trip project scheduled to takes place from Nov. 2 – Dec. 16, 2011.

This year’s event will involve 12 artists (ten from Nigeria and the other three from Ghana, Sudan and Ethiopia respectively) travelling about 12 000 km from Lagos (Nigeria) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Participants will include few of the old members and new members from the four countries involved. There will be eleven photographers and two writers (Nike Adesuyi Ojeikere and Nana Oforiatta-Ayim) who will be writing for the blog as well as on a much broader context.

The group will make stops of about five to seven days in the capital and important cities of Nigeria, Tchad, Sudan and Ethiopia to create artistic works in collaboration with the indigenous artists in the cities, while networking within the art community. Once again, the approach will be a focus on creating works which reveal the richness of the daily living of the people and the interactions with their environment – images that usually go unnoticed in the quest for blatant headlines. But this will not deter them from exploring themes centered on socio-political discourses prevalent in the continent.

Issues such as women’s right; the role of China and other economic world powers in the shaping of the African economy, nature and wildlife preservation/sustainability, as well as conflicts in the African Soil such as the Jos Crisis (2010, Nigeria),  The Darfur Conflict (2003, Soudan), and the Fashoda Incident (1898, Soudan) will be considered as topics to be explored. They will also explore the consciousness embedded in the identity of style and modes of dressing. Artists are  allowed to work from a more personal angle as well as create conceptual photographic, video and textual works. The aim is to tackle diverse but presently relevant issues as seen individually by each of the 13 artists involved in the project. This will make up the content of the 2011 road trip project and a book which to be published of it. They will spend a period of 45 days on the entire journey.

During the road trip, some of the photographers will collaborate  to make a documentary film which will feature diverse events of the  trip as well as the many encounters. This film will  accompany the book to be published as one package.

On arrival in Addis Ababa, a workshop involving local photographers from Addis Ababa and an exhbition featuring selctions of works produced during the road trip will be take place at the Museum of Modern Art of Addis Ababa which has Aida Muluneh as its director. The exhibition will comprise of printed photographic works as well as digital projections of photography and video works.

Names of the participants are as follows:

Amaize Ojeikere; Ray Daniels Okeugo; Chidinma Nnorom; Nana Oforiatta-Ayim (Ghana); Emmanuel Iduma; Ala Khier (Sudan); Unoma Giese; kemi Akin-Nibosun; Tom Saater; Uche Okpa-Iroha; Jumoke Sanwo; Emeka Okereke.

Generously supported by:

  • HIVOS – Arts Collaboratory (The Netherlands)
  • Canon Europe
  • Shoot Me Film + Music Festival Den Haag
  • French Cultural Centre Abuja
  • Institut Français de Tchad
  • Institut Français de France
  • Arts Move Africa
  • Prince Claus Fund
  • DAL Group Sudan
  • Demotix Online Photo Agency
  • New Museum of New York
  • Desta for Africa Ethiopia
  • Modern Art Museum Addis Ababa

And many more to be confirmed
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