What is iVisible?

iVisible is a platform on the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Organization website for artists from the majority world (foremostly) and elsewhere to share materials (video, text and photos) that tell a story about an event, a subject, a person. We insist that submissions should interpret our interests broadly.

What can I submit?

Please submit one photograph, a text of not more than 500 words and video of not more than 5 mins. Include your full name (as you want it to go up), your date of birth and a short, 50-word max, bio.

How do I submit?

We welcome submissions using our Submittable Account. For videos, please upload on YouTube and send us the link.

When will my entry be published?

Your entry, if it is selected, will be published as soon as we clear up the backlog of entries. This might be a day after it is submitted or one months after. We will inform you of when it is published so you know.

What is the Editor looking for?

The Editor is looking for any material that narrates and reflects. Please interpret broadly.

What is not acceptable?
  • Content that infringes someone’s copyright.
  • Content that you know to be untrue.
  • Spam, or repeated uploads that flood the site with duplicate versions of the same or similar content.
  • Pornography/sexually explicit content.
  • Obscene/lewd content.
  • Content that advocates violent behaviour.
  • Content that contains violent images of killing or physical abuse that appear to have been captured solely, or principally, for exploitive, prurient or gratuitous purposes.
  • Content that advocates dangerous, illegal or predatory acts or poses a reasonable threat to personal or public safety.
  • Hate Speech/Racially or ethnically offensive content.
Who owns the copyright?

You do. But we have copyright to the material for 30 days beginning from the date it was published. Feel free to submit elsewhere after this time elapses.

Are there terms and conditions?

Yes, and very brief. Please read.

When will I know my entry will not be published?

You will receive an automated prompt from our Submittable Account saying you’ve been rejected. It does not mean your work is not good. It means it is not what we want on our website.

Will the material be published/exhibited outside the website?


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