Arwa Hamouda

Arwa H. Sewar

Medium: Photography
Year of Participation: 2012
Project Participated in: “Where The Niles Meet”, Masterclass & Exhibition, Khartoum 2013



Arwa Hamouda, Sudanese photographer and architect born and raised in Saudi Arabia, started serious photography in January 2012, member of Sudanese Photographers Group. Arwa found her passion in fine art photography specifically portraiture and abstract. Through her work she wish to reflect the emotional state extended beyond the visual information that human brain collects, moreover she is trying to address issues related to identity, belonging and finding the peace of inner soul. Arwa participated in Where the Niles Meet master class that has been conducted last September, 2013 in partnership between Sudanese Photographers Group and Invisible Borders. Currently she is working on the project of Where the Niles meet which should be exhibited in Khartoum in the beginning of 2014 and a personal project called (Beautiful Wrecks).


[expand title=”Resume” tag=”h3″ trigclass=”highlight”] EDUCATION:  Bsc. Architecture. Master degree in projects management. My background of architecture has a great influence in my style I believe. The way I read the lines and I communicate with colors and texture 2 years approximately of serious shooting up to now. Never enrolled to any sort of formal photography school. I’ve participated in Where the Niles Meet (fine art photography master class conducted in Khartoum last September) as my first participation in official photography group activity. PROJECTS IN PROGRESS: 

  • Where the Niles Meet project (reflecting the history of Khartoum city through women portraits)
  • Photography exhibition about issues related to women in Sudanese society
  • Personal project called (Beautiful Wrecks) through which I am trying to address issues related to Sudan and Sudanese character.


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