Jumoke Sanwo

Jumoke Sanwo


Medium: Photography
Project Participated in: 2011 Road Trip
Administrative Role: Director of Administration/Corporate Relations



Jumoke Sanwo is an Artist/Lifestyle Photographer out of Lagos Nigeria, A graduate of English Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. She has had her works exhibited in New York, Brussels, Dubai, Lagos, Sudan, Addis Ababa, Benin, Chad & Ghana. Her work has been published in Local and International Magazines as well as Art Journals. Her works addresses aesthetic concerns as well as concerns on identity, which fosters the discourse on re-imaging the African Continent. She is a member of The X-perspective, Black Female Photographers Association, American Photography Association and Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography group. Her image titled “PELE” was shortlisted for the HIPA 2012 Beauty of light awards in the UAE. She continues to push the envelope with her unique take on the lifestyle of Africans with projects that celebrate the rich cultural diversity within the continent.


Website: www.jumokeshotme.shutterchance.com


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  • Invisible Borders Accra Project-Public Space Exhibition- July 2013
  • Invisible Borders A N’DJamena- Institut Francais Tchad Group Exhibition June 2013
  • Studio Museum of Harlem New-York- Harlem Post Card Project Spring Exhibition- March 2013
  • Addis Photo Festival (Invisible Borders Group Exhibition)- AU Building Addis Ababa-Dec 2012
  • HIPA AWARDS 2013 UAE: Presentation Exhibition at the Final award ceremony.
  • Art Takes Time Square- Outdoor Exhibition New-York June 2012
  • Africa Number 2 –Photo Projection Exhibition Brussels March 2012
  • New-York Triennial (The Ungovernables Part of the Invisible Borders Trans African Photography Project Collective) February 2012
  • X-perspective Exhibition (An Exhibition of Upcoming Female Photographers at the Goethe Institute City Hall Lagos Nigeria), October 2011
  • ‘Beyond Football- Shifting Interests and Identity (A Visual Arts Exhibition at the Goethe Institute City Hall Lagos from 16 July 2011 as part of the young Female Photographers known as the X-Perspective.


  •  IBTchad/Photocamp Chad Project- June 2013
  • Harlem Post Card Project Spring 2013: Studio Museum Harlem New york
  • Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project 3rd Edition Road trip Nigeria-Chad-Sudan-Ethiopia 2011
  • Xperspective Workshop for Female photographers (Goethe Institute Lagos Nigeria) 2011
  • Master class with Nick Dazinger (British Council Lagos Nigeria) 2011


  • Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation
  • Xperspective- Nigerian Female Photographers Project
  • Black Female Photographers
  • American Photography Association

PROJECTS LAGOS INSPIRATION PROJECT: A commissioned documentation of 40 inspirational spots in Lagos towards the Virgin Atlantic travel guide and blog

PHOTO4U PROJECT: A focus on the relationship between instant photography, photographer and subject

FACES PROJECT-. This project is a series of portraits documenting the human face. I am intrigued by faces and i have been documenting faces for the last 3 years

IDENTITY PROJECT: A focus on the ancient art of scarification as an advanced form of citizen identification. The project focuses on the ancient city of Ibadan one of the few remaining cities in Nigeria that still practises this tradition.

A THOUSAND BROWN ROOFS: A focus on the effects of migration on urban dwelling in third world countries.

REPETITIVE BEHAVIOR: Inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1963 Movie on Sleep. Images of the basic human functions of sleep, sex, movement and replenishment featured in a repetitive format

HARLEM POSTCARD PROJECT: Harlem postcards is an  ongoing project by the studio museum of harlem new york that invites contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds to reflect on harlem as a site of cultural activity, political vitality, visual stimuli, artistic contemplation and creative production. representing intimate and dynamic perspectives of harlem, the images reflect the idiosyncratic visions of contemporary artists from a wide range of backgrounds and locations

PORTRAIT OF TRASH: A series that documents the lifestyle of subjects in a chosen geographical region by the items found in their trash

LA SILENCE DES FEMME: A focus on the 21 century female. The series brings to the fore the dynamics of feminity in a male dominated world and the masculation of the female gender whilst highlighting taboo topics women are confronted with as they grapple with gender dynamics in the 21st Century


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