Works by Participants

Click on the name of each artist to view their work in the 2012 Image Bank. Links are also provided to the films and text by non-photographers


Jide Odukoya

Novo Isioro

Ray Daniels Okeugo

Emeka Okereke


  1. Rain Ride
  2. Crossing the border from Nigeria to Cameroon

Christian Nyampeta

Mario Macilau

Ignatio Matala Evita (filmmaker)


  1. Invisible Borders in Libreville
  2. Invisible Borders with Em’kal Eyongakpa

Lesedi Mogoatlthe (filmmaker)

  1. Spaces of Music
  2. Calabar
  3. Cameroon

Emmanuel Iduma (writer)

  1. The Value of Duality
  2. Encounters, Exchanges 
  3. Encounters – Diary of Being Present
  4. As in A Dream
  5. There, Here
  6. A Montage of Moments (2)
  7. A Montage of Moments
  8. The Sinking Mud and Other Stories of Crossing 
  9. Going Back To Where the Future Was
  10. The Borders Have Shifted

Adebola Rayo (writer)

  1. Aba: A Waiting City
  2. The First Step of Many 
  3. The Journey is the Destination
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