Christain Nyampeta (Video Artist, Writer, Scholar | Rwanda/The Netherlands)

Christian Nyampeta is an artist living and working in London. He was born in Rwanda and he is naturalised in the Netherlands. Christian graduated from the MA Industrial Design course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2009. He has worked with design studios and Research Centres in the Netherlands and in London.

Currently Christian is an MPhil/PhD candidate in the Visual Cultures Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. His research is concerned with issues of Living Together, explored through conviviality, individuality, industriality and heritages. Christian works collaboratively, through research driven practices. Recent projects include a temporary free form social radio station, an artist-run newspaper and curatorial events that culminated in the first UK solo show of New Zealand artist Ann Shelton.


Jide Odukoya (Photographer | Nigeria)

Jide Odukoya had very few photographs of himself as a kid, unlike his siblings who have many to show off. However, he seems to be on rampage these days to compensate for the past deprivation. Only that he now delights in capturing thosespecial, rare moments in the lives of other people. Jide, a graphic designer and (front-end) web designer, decided to build a career in photography barely two years ago after saving up and purchasing a Canon 550D with which he had experimented for a while.

His hobby soon turned into a profession following endless surfing of the internet for useful tips on good photo techniques, camera handling and composition.

A Photoshop faithful, he dabbles into several kinds of photography, the top three being documentary, street, and wedding photography, in that order. A 2011 graduate of Systems Engineering from the University of Lagos, he has his eyes onthe Guinness World Records and hopes to establish a Photography Hub in Nigeria, thereby reaching out to a wider audience.

He blogs at, where he shares photographs and has recently run a 60-day photo walk tagged “60Days through My Lens’’ and “51 Pictures after 50 Years of Nigerian Independence” a photo walk through The Bad, The Good and The Ugly of Nigeria after independence. Recently, he was shortlisted and his works exhibited alongside 19 otherexceptional photographers at the Lagos/Etisalat Amateur Photography Competition and was 2nd runner-up at the Amateur Photography Competition (Nigeria) earlier in 2012. He was also shortlisted under the Landscape category of the NigeriaProfessional Photographers. His Works have been featured in ‘’The Militant Weekly Magazine, USA and on, Africa’s foremost lifestyle website where he collaborated with Bayo Omoboriowo (photographer) and Gbenga Awomodu (writer) on a series of Photo Documentaries bordering on a wide range of Nigerian lifestyle, from the Underground Economy to Landscape. He believes in the need for individual and collective responsibility of Nigerians in making our nation a great one indeed. Jide has been selected to take part in the 2012 Road Trip Project through the open call for participation.


Lesedi Mogoatlhe (Film Maker | South Africa)

Lesedi Mogoatlhe has worked in the TV and film industry for 10 years. She has worked as a director, creative producer and voice-artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her early training included acting and presenting before moving behind the scenes. She was the presenter for the popular SABC youth programme ‘What’s your story?’ She has also ren’s Radio Foundation slot on SAFM.

She trained as a Narrative Director at City Varsity, and completed her MA in Documentary at the University  of Sussex in the UK. Her television work includes educational programmes such as ‘Trailblazers’: chronicling the triumphs of South Africans who have been affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, and ‘Word Art’: a national programme showcasing the writing talents of South Africa’s unpublished authors.

Her film work includes documentaries that tackle issues around cultural identity, gender and memory- with ‘Earthchild’and ‘Road to Pride’ having made their rounds at the Encounters Documentary Festival, Out in Africa,The Pink Apple festival in Switzerland and winning best audience award at Thessaloniki LGBTQ festival. A passionate chronicler and storyteller, she is focusing her various talents into training and educating of youth through media.

Lesedi has been selected to take part in the 2012 Road Trip Project through the open call for participation.


Ignacio Matala Evita (Photographer| Equitorial Guinea)

Of himself, Ignatio Matala Evita says: “Ive never thought the possibility of having another look and history behind the camera…sometimes, our eyes see beautiful things that after a while, dissapear… but with the red button of the camera they will stay with us forever…Since 2009, the video and photography world envolves me… Ive worked with different organizations and I have learned with all of them…This is my life and now, I am ready to tell stories with this pictures, and this is because my big will of learning and the Spanish Cultural Centre, that has taught me.


Mario Macilau (Photographer | Mozambique)

Mário Macilau was born in the newly independent Mozambique, in the midst of the most critical phase of its  civil war in 1984. He started his journey as   photographer   in   2003   and engaged to professional level when he traded his mother’s cell phone for his first camera in 2007, he specializes in long-term projects focus on living and environmental condition over the time.  As documentary photographer , he strives on the theme of positive change across different cultures, locations and perspectives, in his home country he use to confronting the realism of power, environment and cultural heritage that affect the socially isolated groups and issues that define our times.

Macilau shows his work regularly in nationals and internationals exhibitions and recently he has been included at: PanAfrican group exhibition at the Biennale of African Photography in Bamako 2011 where he won the crossing point residence that has been held in France at les Rencontres D’arles 2012 from Fondation Blachère, he was one of the 5 finalist of 7th edition of BESphoto 2011 in Portugal where his work has been showed at CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém and at Pinacoteca de Estado de Sao Paulo in Brazil, in 2011, he exhibited at VI Chobi Mela Photo Festival in Bangladesh 2011, the photo spring in Beijing, China 2011, Lagos Photo I and II edition, The KLM in Malasya, his work has been exhibited also at the Belgium Assembly during the European day when he won the second prize at the Young ACP Photographer’s Competition in 2010, he won the VISA POUR LA CREATION 2012 from the French Institute, he won the first prize from the Protection Project in Washinton DC 2012, the prize from EVTZ Foundation in Germany, the Santa Lucia Award in Spain 2011, the AECID Award for creation in 2011, he won the talent prize from France Embassy in Maputo in 2011, the TDM Bienal in Maputo and more.

He has been selected to take part in the 2012 Road Trip Project through the open call for participation.


Falade Adebola Rayo ( Writer | Nigeria)

Falade, Adebola Rayo is a writer and copy editor born in Ibadan, Nigeria. She holds an LL.B from the University of Lagos and a B.L from the Nigerian Law School.

She fell in love with books at an early age and began writing her own stories as a teenager trying to sort out her thoughts and experiences, and make sense of the world. She believes the Arts should, beyond providing entertainment and beauty, be a medium for inspiring social change and development. That belief fuels her work.

She will be blogging the 4th edition of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip Project.


Emmanuel Iduma (Writer | Nigeria)

Emmanuel Iduma was born in Akure, Nigeria. He obtained a degree in Law from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and has been called to the Nigerian Bar. His interests range widely, including web technology, digital art, visual art, and creative writing. Emmanuel works mainly as a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and has won awards and received recognition in each genre.

Emmanuel is the co-founder of Iroko Publishing, which has published Saraba as an electronic magazine since February 2009. His work in Saraba has been acclaimed globally, including in The Guardian (UK). He is currently the editor of an online mashable anthology of African modernity.


‘Novo Isioro (Photographer | Nigeria)


Lilian ‘Novo Isioro is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology where she studied Bilingual Secretarial Administration. She is also a certified Public Relations Personnel (NIPR), and finally she brought all these into a hault in Photography having a certificate in photography(eloPhotos Academy).

Now she is the brain behind novoImages – exploring the world of corporate photography and social documentary


Ray-Daniels Okeugo (Photographer | Nigeria)

Ray Daniels Okeugo born in Aba, is a Nigerian photographer who started out first as an actor and has featured in several motion pictures, home videos, soap operas, Tv series, etc in Nigeria. He was indoctrinated into photography in 2007. He has worked closely and on several occasions assisted the artist Emeka Okereke. His works tends to take off from the documentary while retaining the attributes of photo-journalism whose strength lies on the keenness of observation of the unobserved. He walks around making photos – right from his personal space of existence to that which he shares with the rest of humanity. As it is, his works contributes to the relentless effort to record a swiftly and constantly rewritable space and history as suggested by Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

He has participated in photographic projects such as: Paris-Lagos 2008 a photographic exchange project which involved ten students from The National Fine Art school of Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Art), six students from Yaba College Of Technology (YABATECH) Lagos and four Nigerian Photographers. The project took place in Lagos and was coordinated by Emeka Okereke. In November 2009, he took part in INVISIBLE BORDERS 2009, a road trip project from Lagos to Bamako involving Nine (9) Nigerian photographers and a writer.In the same November 2009, he participated in the second leg of the Lagos-Paris exchange project which saw the ten Nigerian participants visiting their French counterparts in Paris. He participated also in Lagos-Darkar Road Trip INVISIBLE BORDERS 2010. His work won a price at the Tarifa 2010 exhibition in Spain. He continues to explore and train his eyes towards that perfect synchronization between his photographic senses and the realities of his immediate surroundings.


Emeka Okereke (Photographer, Writer, Film Maker | Nigeria)

Emeka Okereke born in 1980 is a Nigerian photographer who currently lives and works between Nigeria and The Netherlands. He came in contact with photography in 2001. Over the past years, he has worked strictly in black & white, but currently, employs other media (graphics, video, sound, and literature), which makes his  artistic practices seem more and more active and dynamic by the day. His works deal mostly with subjects and  issues that involve the society and the emotions dissipated through cosmic coexistence of human beings alongside the non-humans. In the past, he has explored versatile ways of communicating his own particular vision – in poetry, in video works, in multi-layered exhibitions in the public space as opposed to the gallery, in power point and video presentations of the various projects he was involved in.

He is a project coordinator and has initiated projects such as the Lagos – Paris exchange (2008/2009). He is the founder and artistic director of Invisible Borders. His photographic works have been exhibited in most of the Major cities in the continents of Africa, Europe and USA and has won several awards and grants for his projects. He has a Masters degree from the Fine Art School of Paris.
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