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The Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project kicked off without a proposal for funding to any organisation. It was first funded by the financial input of the artists who participated. It was important as a matter of ethics that the artists lay a foundation that is based on the will and passion of the artists involved. Besides, it was an idea we believed in and thought it was wise to test it out before proposing it for collaboration.

As a result of its success in the first edition, we decided to expand its activities and become more elaborate. We approached a few organisations that were more than glad to be of great support and we are grateful for their involvement, it made the 2010 project much more productive. We also hope to continue working with them and more, hand in hand as this initiative grows in strength and relevance. Here is a dropdown of organisations and artists who have been of great support both financially and through acts of goodwill.

The Organisation is one that finds its essence and one of its core aims in networking and collaborations with other artists and artists-led initiative taking place all over the African continent and beyond. In the course of the past two editions, Invisible Borders worked with artists whose contributions were of immense importance to its success. In that sense we consider them an integral part of the Initiative.

We look forward to expanding this network.

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We do hope that this list will continue to grow as our activities become more relevant. If you would like to support the initiative, it will be an honour and we are open to further discussion. Please write us through the contact page.

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  • Uchechukwu James Iroha – Photographer/ Director of Photo Grage Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Rafiy Okefolahan (Benin Republic)
  • Bisi Silva – Independent Curator and Director of Centre for Contemporary Arts Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Jude Anogwih – Independent Curator (Nigeria)
  • Aida Muluneh – Photographer and Director of Addis Foto Fest (Ethiopia)
  • Nii Oboudai – Photographer (Ghana)
  • Paul Kabré – Photographer (Burkina Fasso)
  • Akinbode Akinbiyi – Photographer/Curator (Germany/Nigeria)
  • Foundation for Contemporary Arts Accra Ghana
  • Lucie Touya – Project Manager (France)
  • Dominique Fonataine – Curator (Canada)
  • Philippe Pirotte – Curator (Switzerland)
  • Fatoumata Diabaté – Photographer (Mali)
  • Adama Bamba – Photographer (Mali)
  • Tosin Oshinowo – Photographer/Architect (Nigeria)
  • Michket Krifa – Curator (France)
  • Ala Kheir – Photographer (Sudan)
  • Laura Serani – Curator (France)
  • Koyo Kouoh – Independent Curator (Senegal)
  • Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung – Director of Savvy Art Contemporary
  • Sokari Ekine – Writer, Editor and Blogger at Blacklooks (Nigeria/USA)
  • Ikhide Ikheloa – Writer, blogger (Nigeria/USA)
  • Tosyn Bucknor – Radio Show Host, Blogger, Writer, Musician (Nigeria)
  • Landry Mbassi – Photographer/ Writer (Cameroun)
  • Gloyer Evita Matala – Film Maker (Equatorial Guinea)
  • Jules Kandem – Project Co-ordinator Aktion Africa (Libreville Gabon)
  • Em’Kal Enyongakpa – Photographer/ Film Maker/ Director of KhaliShrine (Yaounde, Cameroun)
  • Marilyn Douala Bell – Director of Doual’Art (Douala, Cameroun)
  • Lesedi Mogoathle – Film Maker (Cape Town South Africa)
  • Abdellah Karroum – Curator (Morocco)
  • Jimmy Ogonga – Cultural Producer (Kenya)
  • Kelechi Amadi Obi – Photographer/ CEO of Kelechi Amadi Obi Studios (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Nana Oforiatta Ayim – Art Historian (Accra, Ghana)
  • Ala Kheir – Photographer/ Director of Sudanese Photographers Group (Khartoum, Sudan)
  • Goitom Habtemariam Ameleke – Photographer (Ethiopia)
  • Mulugeta Ayene Getu – Photographer (Ethiopia)

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