Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Initiative is made up of impressively passionate artists whose inner drive gives rise to a strong urge to effect change in the society.

Our aim is to foster a platform which encourages the progress of trans-African interaction between artists and art practioners of the many countries of the continent. We recognise the inevitable importance of collaboration in the building of a solid life-long artistic foundation and we intend to harness that energy.

Our goal is to consantly share knowledge and information, cutting across the demarcating lines of classes and profeciency in literacy, thereby expanding the art public to include more of the local audience and the “layman”.

Our activities are geared towards creating stepping-stone experiences for upcoming artists while engaging in critical discourse on issues and questions challenging the efficiency of the continent. We hope to achieve this through numerous relational artistic intervention on a local level. We are amongst the fore runners of the 21st century, and as an essentially photographic initiative, through images, we intend to contribute a better portion of the story being told of Africa today which will become her history tomorrow.