Yeehui Tan

Yeehui Tan

Role in Invisible Borders: Graphic Designer



Tan Yee Hui is Singaporean and currently a resident of Somerville, Massachusetts, where she is in her final year studying Religion, Peace and Justice, African Studies and everything in between at Tufts University.

Besides designing for Invisible Borders, she interns at Resist Inc., a foundation for social change, and contributes to Untapped Cities. With permanently itchy feet, she’s always looking for excuses to travel, wear birkenstocks, bargain, and get lost, and lives vicariously through the Trans-African adventures of the IB team (for now).

During a semester she spent studying at the University of Ghana in Legon, she was happily struck by how much Ghanaian culture resonated with Singaporean culture and the commonalities shared by the two countries, including a history of British colonisation, a love of Milo and Indomie, and local forms of pidgin English that foreigners struggle to understand.

She tries to document the more photogenic footnotes from her life on instagram and flickr. She is contactable through the address found on this tumblr, and welcomes all kinds of mail!





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