Road Trip 2014


In 2014, the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organization will embark on the 5th edition of their Road Trip Project. This trip will be the first Trans-Continental Road Trip of the collective and will be from Lagos (Nigeria) to Sarajevo (Bosnia) through 21 countries in Africa and Europe notably Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and eventually Bosnia.

During the last four editions of the Road Trip the group has explored African countries from the West to the East and Central Africa. The impressions of the last four years have given rise to reflections and subsequent evolution of questions surrounding the complexness of borders. This year’s road trip is therefore an attempt to approach the core of what necessitates borders: Movement.

The road trip project is an attempt to draw a tangible line of connection across chosen geographic locations in order to transcend the limitations proposed by the existing demarcating lines.

In thinking of the Invisible Border Trans-Continental Road Trip from Lagos – Sarajevo, the fundamental elements of the trip could be aligned in three deductions:

  1. The endeavors of artists during the trip will be to reflect upon the contrast between preconceived notions and freshly acquired perceptions for every displacement through places and people. Sandwiched in between these two positions is the Invisible Borders.
  2. New perceptions can only be acquired through a crossbreed of realities, which necessitates human interactions and exchanges on a constant basis during the trip.
  3. These interactions and exchanges will give rise to the form in which the final work of the artists manifests both in creation and presentation.

The road trip will assemble artists from countries in Africa whose previous work are rooted in the reality of the African continent. It will be made up of photographers, writers, video artists, art critics, art historians and performance artists. There will be ten participants in a whole.

The journey will last 151 days (22 weeks) from the 2nd of June until 31st of October 2014. They will make stops of about five to seven days in major cities of these 21 countries. Besides creating personal works with their various mediums, the Invisible Borders participants will develop diverse projects in collaboration with local Partners (Associations, Museums, Art Centers, Public Institutions, Artists, etc.), such as:

  • Exhibitions (installations, projections, performances) which tend to offer the road trip experience to the viewer.
  • Exchange with the local audience through interactive art creation involving the participation of local artists and indigenes, in public spaces and chosen communities.
  • Talks, conferences and presentations around the concept of Trans-cultural exchange.
  • Further collaborations with organizations, institutions and individuals in the humanities sector to encourage awareness of social issues such as climate change, gender issues, pollution, road safety and politics of migration.
  • Artistic creation in general will take a more spontaneous approach as we expect to address the borders that exist between artists, the subject of their creation and the audience. Therefore artists should expect a situation where they have to present the works to the audience through interactive and public space interventions.

The activities will be articulated on daily basis in the online blog of the project, while on the trip, and on a weekly basis in the Invisible Borders web application to be available on smartphones and tablets across major operating systems.



[Subject to change]

  1. Dawit L. Petros (Photographer / ERITREA)
  2. Heba Amin (Filmmaker / EGYPT)
  3. Breeze Yoko (Video/Film & Graffiti Artist / SOUTH AFRICA)
  4. Lindokhule Nhlakanipho Nkosi (Writer / SOUTH AFRICA)
  5. Renee Mboya (Writer / KENYA)
  6. Tom Saater (Photographer / NIGERIA)
  7. Angus McKinnon (Photographer / SOUTH AFRICA)
  8. Emmanuel Iduma (Writer & Art Critic / NIGERIA)
  9. Emeka Okereke (Photographer / NIGERIA)

Read more about the participants.


Guest Participants

In a bid to enrich the experience of the next road trip, we decided incorporate the possibility of having guest participants on the trip. There will be 14 participants for the road trip of which four of them are crew (TV production crew and project managers). We have reserved a seat to receive guest participants at intervals of two weeks each. This means that for the 151 days trip, there will be approximately 10 guest participants.

These guest participants are mainly artists, scholars, art historians, curators, writers, and politicians, or anyone working across the fields of arts and humanities, (students in these fields are not exempted as well) from any part of the world whose works are engaging and reflect a sensitivity towards issues in the same lines as those embodied by the Invisible Borders project.

The basic idea behind this is to create a situation that allows for bouncing off of ideas and feedback between the permanent participants and guest participants who come in with fresh and divergent perspective on the actual trip.

The presence of the guest participants should be seen as a useful agitation during the course of the trip, a sort of shaking-up of the relationship between thought processes and execution of ideas. By this, we open up the concept of Invisible Borders to accommodate a much broader rendition of it.

The guest participants will be mostly experienced personalities in their respective field whose practices could also benefit from being on a project such as the road trip that proposes a totally different experience as compared to already established knowledge.


To learn more about the project and how you can support, download and read the proposal and the schedule.
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