Ray Daniels Okeugo


Medium: Photography
Projects participated in: Invisible Borders Road Trip (2009 – 2012), Benin Biennale, The Accra Project 2013, Where The Niles Meet Khartoum
Position Held in Invisible Borders: Director of Planning & Logistics



Ray Daniels Okeugo was born in Aba and was a Nigerian photographer who started out first as an actor and has featured in several motion pictures, home videos, soap operas, TV series. He was indoctrinated into photography in 2007. He has worked closely and on several occasions assisted the artist Emeka Okereke. His works tended to take off from the documentary while retaining the attributes of photo-journalism whose strength lies on the keenness of observation of the unobserved. He walked around making photos – right from his personal space of existence to the space he shared with the rest of humanity. As it is, his works contributed to the relentless effort to record a swiftly and constantly rewritable space and history as suggested by Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. He participated in photographic projects such as: Paris—Lagos 2008 a photographic exchange project which involved ten students from The National Fine Art school of Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Art), six students from Yaba College Of Technology (YABATECH) Lagos and four Nigerian Photographers. The project took place in Lagos and was coordinated by Emeka Okereke. In November 2009, he began to take part in INVISIBLE BORDERS. Also in November 2009, he participated in the second leg of the Lagos-Paris exchange project which saw the ten Nigerian participants visiting their French counterparts in Paris. His work won a prize at the Tarifa 2010 exhibition in Spain. Until his death, he continued to explore and train his eyes towards that perfect synchronization between his photographic senses and the realities of his immediate surroundings.  See some of his work with Invisible Borders: Reality Displays
Images from Cameroon & Gabon, also from Cameroon Images from Calabar en route Douala   See more of Ray Daniels Okeugo’s work in the Archive

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