2011 Participants

Ala Khier (b. 1985)

Ala Kheir (Ala Eldin Abdalla) was born in Nyala, West of Sudan on April 1st 1985 and is currently living and working in Khartoum. He actively began photographing in 2005 and also purchased his first SLR the same year. He says of his work: “I find joy and fun at all types and styles of photography, I do not limit myself to a certain kind of subjects but instead I work in several categories according to how it appeals my creative senses”.

He has had exhibitions such as “50+1 Malaysia, Kuala lumpor 2007” (group project), “Feel the color”, Khartoum, 2009. And his works have featured as cover photos of local and international magazines. He was the Winner of the UN education photograph 2010. He has other projects in the pipeline and continues to broaden his scope of perception.

Emeka Okereke (b. 1980)

Emeka Okereke born in 1980 is a Nigerian photographer who currently lives and works between Nigeria and The Netherlands. He came in contact with photography in 2001. Over the past years, he has worked strictly in black & white, but currently, employs other media (graphics, video, sound, and literature), which makes his artistic practices seem more and more active and dynamic by the day. His works deal mostly with subjects and issues that involve the society and the emotions dissipated through cosmic coexistence of human beings alongside the non-humans. In the past, he has explored versatile ways of communicating his own particular vision – in poetry, in video works, in multi-layered exhibitions in the public space as opposed to the gallery, in power point and video presentations of the various projects he was involved in.

He is a project coordinator and has initiated projects such as the Lagos – Paris exchange (2008/2009). He is the founder and artistic director of Invisible Borders. His photographic works have been exhibited in most of the Major cities in the continents of Africa, Europe and USA and has won several awards and grants for his projects. He has a Masters degree from the Fine Art School of Paris.

Emmanuel Iduma (b. 1989)

Emmanuel is a Nigerian writer and lawyer. He started writing at an early age, but began to take his writing seriously in 2004, when he completed a novel and had to look for avenues to showcase his work. At this juncture, he took conscious interest in the art being developed around him, especially in the art community of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife where he was then a student. This exposure made it possible for him to read his poetry in the Ife Festival of Poetry, held annually, in 2007 and 2008.

At this point, he formed strategic alliances with other writers in the University, and together with two other friends they organized the Colloquium of New Writing, which was held twice (August 2007, March 2008 and September 2008). Afterward he co-founded Saraba Magazine ( with Damilola Ajayi in December 2008. They have, since February 2009, published up to eleven issues of the electronic magazine as well poetry chapbooks, presenting young emerging writers of Africa who are yet to be published. As it is he continues in the spirit of contributing towards the development of literary art in contemporary Nigeria.

Jumoke Asanwo (b. 1977)

Jumoke is a female Lifestyle Photographer out of Lagos. She is a graduate of English Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University and also trained as a Cabin Attendant at both Lufthansa Training Centre in Frankfurt Germany and The Swiss Training Institute in Zurich Switzerland.

She was in the aviation Industry for 4 years and her sojourn here took her to various parts of the world. In the last 2 years she has been managing a Lifestyle store and she rekindled her affection for Photography while there.

This stemmed out of her need to document events and activities within her work space photographically. She is an avid reader and very adventurous by nature. Her photography stems out of her passion for images and travelling. She believes strongly in capturing the essence of each subject and that to her is key. She recently participated in X-Perspective Exhibition at the Goethe Institute.

Kemi Akin-Nibosun (b. 1991)

Kemi studied art at Sarah Bonnell School before moving on to attain advanced level diplomas in art, photography and math at Barking Abbey Sixth Form. Since leaving school she has been mentored by people in various fields of music and art, starting with an independent fashion designer Samia Malik (ihtgw label), Tomorrow’s warriors Jazz Orchestra and Central Saint Martin’s summer tutors. During her studies she investigated the implications of a Diaspora’s lifestyle resulting in radical expression; teasing out the relationship between conceptual art and photography to create conceptual photography.

She has turned away from basic collage and photographic development to focus on editing the images technologically using Photoshop. In her assemblages, she critiques the anaglyphic effects of 3D cinematography creating depth and form. She is currently being mentored in the photographic field by Lucy Azubuike and she was chosen as a participant to this year’s IB project for her youthful energy waiting to bust forth hoping that this event will herald that explosion.

Nana Oforiatta – Ayim (b. 1977)

Nana is a Ghanaian/ German cultural historian, film maker and writer. Her works on cultural history have appeared in publications such as The National Geographic, The Statesman, The Dubliner and Time Out. She has given lectures and explained her work to students at a number of universities such as Cambridge, Kumasi, London and Oxford. She has been the curator of exhibitions and events for institutions like The British Council, The British Museum, The Liverpool Biennial, The Royal Festival Hall and The Victoria and Albert Museum. Her films have been nominated for prizes at a number of festivals, including the Festival of de African Film in Milan, screened at The Museum of African Diaspora, among other places, and also used in academic study programmes. Her first work of fiction, ‘The Tightrope Walker’, was launched at the Hay Literature Festival in May 2010 when she was author-in-residence at Triangle France in Marseille.

She is the director and co-founder of ANO, a non-profit-making organisation that devotes its attention to the points of contact between culture and development in Africa and its diaspora. She recently completed research work with architect David Adjaye and curator Koyo Kouoh on cultural institutions in Africa, and she is working freelance for Frieze Magazine and on book projects.

Ray-Daniels Okeugo (b. 1980)

Ray-Daniels is a photography who debuted in the creative industry as an actor in the popular film industry of Nigeria known as Nollywood and has appeared various feature-length movies. He combines his practice as a photographer with his passion for acting. His photographic works tend to take off from documentary photography while retaining the attributes of photo-journalism whose strength lies on the keenness of observation of the unobserved and contribute to the relentless effort to record a swiftly and constantly rewritable space and history as suggested by his immediate surroundings.

He has participated in photographic projects such as: Paris-Lagos 2008/2009 a photographic exchange project which took place in Lagos and Paris respectively and was coordinated by Emeka Okereke. His work won a prize at the Tarifa 2009 Photo Festival in Spain. He is equally a founding member of Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Initiative.

 2010 Participants
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