Crowd Funding

We would like to use this platform to reach out to our numerous followers and supporters, those that have graced the activities of our facebook group/page and our blog.

Now you can actually contribute towards the success of the activities of Invisible Borders by donating financially to the cause. By donating to Invisible Borders, you are helping to ensure the continuation of the Invisible Borders project, so that no shortcomings will ever stop the project from taking place. Therefore your contribution will make it possible for the organization to continue it work of building trans-African networks across peoples and countries in the continent of Africa.

What does your contribution fund?

  • Specific projects organised at intervals by Invisible borders on a yearly basis
  • Administrative cost accrued due to the execution of these projects

What do you get as a contributor?

  • If you do not wish to remain anonymous, your name will be published on the “Crowd Funding” section under “Partners” of the Invisible Borders website.
  • You will receive report on the specific project your money was used for and how it helped the project.
  • Depending on the nature of the project and the amount donated, your name could also be revealed to the press and published in any of the Invisible Borders publications as a crowd funder.

How does it work?

For every period the organisation needs the donation of the public as regards to a specific project, it will be announced, and the portal will be open for the public to make contributions to that specific project.  If one clicks on the  “donate” link on the website, it will take you to a page with mentions exactly what project is being donated for, and how the money will be used as well as how the donor will be compensated.

Donors are compensated based on how much they donate. The higher they donate, the more their compensation and involvement with the organisation. The compensation and however, we treat all donors equally when it comes to making them feel that they are a part of the Invisible Borders experience. They are given priority when it comes to dissemination of information concerning the activities of Invisible borders. We will equally ensure that we keep them up to date with whatever is happening within the organisation as far as public information is concerned.

On going donations

Invisible Borders 2012

1000 Naira – 5000 Naira (5 euro – 25 Euro): Name will be mentioned on website as a crowd funder. You will receive updates on the project, and the specific use of your money.

10000 Naira – 20 000 (50 euro – 100 Euro): Name will be mentioned on website. You will receive updates on the project, and the specific use of your money. Your name will be revealed to the press covering the project as a crowd funder. You can consult the organisation for assistance in any areas where they have affiliations. You will get a T-shirt of the Invisible Borders 2012 rod trip project.

30,000 Naira (150 euro) and above: will get all the benefits of the previous mounts, plus a print from one of the artists of the Invisible Borders road trip 2012. The print will be in the size of 50 x 60 cm and will be signed by the artist.
входные двери
ловушка для насекомых