Landry Mbassi


Medium: Photography, Video, Installation
Bio:  After his dropping-out of academic tutoring at University of Yaoundé 1 (where he studied Fine Arts and History of Art) from 1998 to 2002, Landry Mbassi started exhibiting his works through various groups’ shows in Yaounde city capital. In 2002, he formed his first collective – Onom’Art.opée, a visual & sound outreach project – and as a result of team working with sound engineer Ralain Nganmo, came up their first exhibition project in may 2003 – – funded by the Goethe-Institute of Yaounde. After a debut career as a painter and a street sign board maker, Landry found himself interested by other forms of expressions like photography, video and installation. In 2009, he was chosen to represent Cameroon as a photographer at the Francophonie games in Beyrouth. In the meantime, he was selected for the 2nd edition of Reunion ADCNI Biennale. An aficionado of visual and graphic communication, Landry also writes during his spared time for some local culture-oriented magazines. A conceptual artivist in his home town, his works most of times question and reflect the search of an ideal identity, memory as a definition of ourselves, among others. His is also interested in portraying strong political and social issues though his (photography). As one the of the few young art curator in Yaounde, he’s currently working on the opening of an art space in his home town Yaounde as a platform to help emerging artists fulfill their Art Director and founding member of Collective Kamera, a group of young photographers of Cameroon, he’s currently working on setting up Yaphoto, (Yaounde-photo) a festival that aims at promoting art photography in Yaounde. Landry Mbassi lives and work between Paris and Yaounde. ________________________

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