Kemi Akin-Nibosun


Medium: Photography
Project Participated in: 2011 Road Trip


Bio & Resume:

Under the influence of collage artist Hannah Hoch and Arnulf Rainer, her work explores the relationship between collage and the anaglyphic effects of 3D cinematography creating depth and form. Subjects of choice range from socio-political issues to personal connections through different African cities, in a desire to re-imagine the possibilities of her environment, practise and life These photographs are a conscious effort to project an alternative African in an alternative Africa. Kemi has participated several exhibition, namely,  ‘From Within’ art and photography exhibition at NGA Kaduna 2013, ‘Life in my City’ Enugu 2013, ‘Crossing Compasses’ photography exhibition at Goethe Institute, Lagos 2012 as well as group exhibitions with the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project  at New Museum New York 2012, and many more The current winner of Life in My City ‘Best Photograph’ category, she was also a member of Invisible Borders Trans- African Photography Project, participating in the 2011 edition from Lagos to Addis Ababa,  presently photographing for the TedxAsoRock team to propagate creativity, change and development. Kemi Akin-Nibosun is currently living and working in Abuja at the National Gallery of Art, Abuja under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation, Nigeria.



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