Asharif Elsharif


Medium: Photography
Project Participated in: “Where The Niles Meet”, Masterclass & Exhibition, Khartoum 2013



In brief I am Sudanese skilled and capable in data management, computers troubleshooting, graphic design, painting, Photography & presentation preparation. I have pleasant personality showing good team player attitude & communication skills. With excellent writing skills. I was born and raised in Khartoum the capital of Sudan. I started painting and photography when I was seven as a result of my art oriented family. I am graduate of Information Technology.


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Photography: I am an amateur photographer. I have started taking and developing pictures at the age of ten. I have been involved in and joined several photography workshops and sessions. Paintings: I do oil and acrylic painting as well as other medias. My art exhibitions and shows list contains more than ten shows and many winning art works. Graphic Design & Illustrations: I have made several successful illustrations, Logos and corporate identity packages, educational materials for many clients.


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