Yassir Bukhari

Medium: Photographer
Project Participated in: Where The Niles Meet – Workshop and Exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan 


Bio: About himself, Yassir says: “I’m Yassir, born and raised in Khartoum, SUDAN. And I’m an electromechanical engineer by profession. My journey with photography started in 2010 when I decided to take this hobby seriously, and I got my first DSLR, and since then, my ability of seeing the soul is blooming. There were many steps that helped me getting into a better photographer; meeting some good Sudanese photographers is one of them, and catching up with IB team during their visit to Khartoum is another one. I find myself captured by streets and their stories, people in their surrounding environments and the tiny details that many people miss seeing. And I’m trying just to reflect all of these through my photos


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