Teresa Meka



Medium: Photographer
Project Participated in: Where The Niles Meet – Workshop and Exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan 


Bio: Teresa Meka believes in capturing the story, the reality of existence. A creative and detail-oriented person, her love story with the camera began with her uncle’s camera at the age of ten. She seeks to explore the world and herself, document everything around her; the changing times, the joys, the pain, the highs and lows. She is driven by the philosophy that photography, thus the photographer, is a tool of change, a tool to inform and question. She says, “It is a way of showing people the little things that we ignore everyday, the beauty that’s all around us, including the issues that affect us. Photography is an agent of change and discovery, it helps change stereotype about the continent and its people one image at a time. I seek to document my relationship with the society and how that evolves with time.”


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