Since the inception of Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip Project in 2009, we have accumulated a sizable amount of materials in the form of images, videos and written works. It is our wish to make this available to the public in various forms – to institutions, Media Agencies, schools, students, researchers, collectors, professionals in the arts, non-profit organisations etc. The Invisible Borders Archive is a platform where this is made possible. In this archive you will find images, and video produced by artists who participated in the all editions of the road trip project. The textual materials can be found in our blog categorized into various editions and topics.

Participants of Invisible Borders are dedicated to creating works, which portray the dynamism, richness as well as contradictions of the various modes of existence of the African people. In doing this, they reject a simplified notion of Africa nor a tidy definition of it, but instead hopes to create an archive of works which “complicates” the depiction of contemporary Africa, one which sees the continent as work-in-progress, rather than a foregone conclusion.

This is what this archive represents.

Our vision is to grow this archive into the largest resource depicting urban contemporary Africa through images and videos as well as text. The materials in this archive are equally available for sale and the money made is used to support the activities of the organisation and the artists who volunteering in administration of it.

The images can be browsed by the year, individually or per artist. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions if you are interested in using any material from this archive beyond browsing this website. We also welcome any feedback you may have. If you like to make use of materials from this archive please write us with a precise description of how you want to use the materials in question. Please write to the following email address: info@archive.invisible-borders.com

Thank you for your interest in our archive.

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