Bachelor interior design. Inside the six-semester Bachelor’s degree in interior style in the Stuttgart University of Technology, future interior designers study application-oriented and using a concentrate on style.

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Interior design is closely associated to holistic concerns and tasks of architecture.

As a result, during the course from the degree, buildings, interiors, furnishings and furniture are treated as a unit. The imparting of well-founded technical, creative and organizational expertise enables our students to develop into competent generalists.


Undergraduate studies.

Following the general having to understand one another plus the compulsory plan throughout the semester preparation week, the initial lectures begin. Inside the modules design and style, design and style, technologies and understanding, imperative fundamentals are dealt with. The students function on styles in space and scenography and carry out initial project operate and study on existing buildings and furnishings

In the second semester, the selection for the time of the external study project is created – optionally within the fourth or fifth semester.

Main course.

In the third semester, two styles with a focus on space and furniture are to become worked out in parallel. From the third semester onwards, individual interests is usually deepened by means of elective courses.

The earlier study projects are summarized in a portfolio and kind the basis for an application for the external study project.

External study project.

Workplace internship or partner university.

Inside the fourth semester, you are able to choose involving the designs “room” or “furniture”. Below the title “Building inside the Existence”, the spatial draft offers together with the sensitive handling of listed creating stock on a true creating in the vicinity and all style, technical, material-specific and legal issues within this context. Furniture design includes a activity of larger complexity on the topic.

In the fifth semester, a “scenography” design is supplied.

According to the design, the sentence summarizer external study project requires place either in paraphrasinguk com the fourth (summer time) or fifth (winter) semester as an workplace internship in Germany or abroad or as a study at certainly one of our partner universities.


The sixth semester is mostly committed to the Bachelor thesis. By creating this scientific operate independently, the students show that they can professionally resolve a problem within a provided time frame.


The study of interior design is divided in to the locations of individuals, furniture and space.

Because the user of our styles, the focus of interior design is on folks. The teaching contains subjects in the fields of anthropology, ergonomics, psychology and colour perception, but in addition presentation, advertising, architecture, style, art and cultural history.

At the interface involving folks and space, furniture is of central importance in interior architecture: it ought to be tangible, functional, properly developed, ergonomic and stable. Options for construction and production also because the continual adjust in furnishings style would be the content from the courses. In the course of their studies, all students design at the least one piece of furnishings and realize it as a prototype.

The design of space ranges from the building of a constructed shell to the atmosphere and mood. The theory course deals with vital teaching content on developing construction, technical expansion, lighting design and style, material justice and sustainability in design. Within the project study, this expertise is applied in room drafts and the benefits are communicated in the type of presentations.

The bachelor’s degree enables up-to-date and sensible study of interior design and style, which is according to the technical feasibility of inventive solutions. With person choices, it is possible to set thematic accents and deepen your very own interests.

The focus is on the following topics:

Interior, furnishings and scenography Perception, design and presentation Capacity to function in a team and interdisciplinarity Communication and language capabilities International contacts

We shape the points we create, thereafter they shape us. The core process of interior style is to produce spaces and to shape the built environment as outlined by human requires. Each requires and spaces can differ considerably. Regardless of no matter whether they apply the abilities they’ve learned directly in professional practice or deepen it within a master? S course, our graduates are prepared for a wide range of activities on the basis of a diverse range of study projects that reflect the spectrum of completely different tasks. P >