Where The Niles Meet – 20 days of Workshop and Exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan

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“Where the Nile Meets” is a 20-days workshop in Khartoum comprising of ten participants from Sudan, Ghana, and Nigeria who are mainly photographers. It is no news that Sudan has over the years “enjoyed” a sizable amount of media attention, all for reasons that no country should be proud of. In as much as this project is not an attempt to justify or defend any opinion, it is an effort aimed at bringing a completely different topic to a table fraught with media sensation.


However, Sudan is but one out of many examples of such victims of misconceptions. Yet despite the shortcomings, we see glimpses of resistance, everywhere in the continent, in form of a defiant energy that refuses to be bridled by existing norms. Nowhere in the continent today is more symbolical of this struggle towards self-liberation than in Khartoum which boast of a Photography Organisation of about 10,000 members, working together to sustain the potency of imagery and the role reserved for it in the shaping of perceptions within misconstrued realities.


In this regard, Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation teams up with Sudanese Photographers Group in a symbiosis reminiscent of the intersection of the two Nile Rivers, to propose a project which on a very simple note aims at investigating circumstances, vantage points and methods of approaching constructive exchange between peoples and tribes of the continent, as considered by African artists of this century. In 2011, the Invisible Borders Road Trip was on its third edition and the artists traveled from Nigeria to Ethiopia via Tchad and Sudan.


“Where The Niles Meet” equally lends to a series of events launched this year that involves a re-visiting of some of the cities that was traversed during the trips of the past four years of which Khartoum was one of them. It is in a bid to bring depth to the interactions and exchanges experienced while on the trip and to share the many observations around the discourse of Trans-African exchange with artists and audience in a much more extensive and time-permitting framework. The project will feature exhibitions first from the outcome of the workshop but also from the 2011 road trip from Lagos to Addis Ababa.


The works to be presented from the 2011 road trip are by 6 artists (five photographers and a writer) who lived the experience of the road trip from its beginning in Lagos to its culmination in Addis Ababa. This road trip brought the artists briefly to Khartoum where they spent about 7 days in the city. This exhibition attempts to give a glimpse of those experiences via photographs, text and video created during the 2011 outing. We do not aim at presenting an exhaustive rendition of the experiences. By this exhibition and all the activities attached to this “return” to Khartoum, we hope to sensitize the audience and partakers of these activities, especially the many budding agents of change to the potentials hidden in yet untold stories of how we live our lives, navigate our spaces and overcome its limitations thereof.


The workshop is facilitated by Berlin-based Nigeria photographer and curator, Akinbode Akinbiyi as well as Emeka Okereke the Artistic Director of Invisible Borders.


Participants of the workshop are: Ray Daniels Okeugo, Jide Odukoya, Lilian Novo Isioro, Meka Teresa, Yassir Bukhari, Hisham Karouri, Azzam Hashim, Arwa Hamouda,


Date: 10th – 30th of September 2013


Venue: Alfaisal Cultural Centre, Khartoum Sudan






This project was made possible by the support of: Prince Claus Fund, Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation, Sudanese Photographers Organisation.


See photographs from the Workshop

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