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Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation, in collaboration with Foundation for Contemporary Arts Ghana and Accra[dot]Alt, was proud to present  THE ACCRA PROJECT.

The Accra Project, took place from the 12th – 20th of July, 2013 in Ghana, bringing together artists from Ghana and Nigeria for a compelling and unprecedented photography exhibition, workshop and symposium.

The exhibition was the first-ever photography exhibition to occupy a public space in Ghana. The core aim was to introduce photographic works into the every-day space of the people in such a way as they become integral to their every-day for the given period of time. Nima, a symbolic site of immigration, travel and multi-culture, presented a fruitful space to engage Invisible Borders’ ideas of Trans-African exchange.

The Accra Project which was organised by Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation aimed at presenting the Ghanaian audience and workshop participants with the outcome of a perpetual reflection around the question of borders and the attempts to transcend predefined limitations.  The program has been designed to induce an atmosphere for the contemplation of the volatile transformation of positions and thought processes as experienced in the African context and to examine our role therein.

This Project attempts to give a glimpse of the experiences of the last four years of the road trip via photographs, text and video created during the Road Trip project. We do not aim at presenting an exhaustive rendition of the experiences. By this exhibition and all the activities attached to this return to Accra, we hope to sensitize the audience and partakers of these activities, especially the many budding agents of change, to the potentials hidden in yet untold stories of how we live our lives, navigate our spaces and overcome their limitations.

We believe that a starting point is to be in perpetual communication with our immediate environment and by so doing become deeply aware of what and who constitute its formation. From there we can weave this knowledge through conscious creativity into a better future for those yet unborn.

Below are images from the Accra Project which was a sweeping success. Enjoy!

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