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Text by Robin Riskin

Ray Daniels Okeugo, born in Aba, Nigeria, was indoctrinated into photography in 2007. He started out as a Nollywood actor, and delved into photography by working with Emeka Okereke.

Ray’s work tends to take off from the documentary yet retain attributes of photo-journalism. His strength lies in the keenness of observation of the unobserved. He walks around making photos, right from his personal space of existence to that which he shares with the rest of humanity. His work contributes to the relentless effort to record a swiftly and constantly rewritable space and history as suggested by Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

The idea for Invisible Borders was born out of a road trip-gone-awry. Ray and Emeka were driving from Aba, Nigeria to Lagos, when their car broke down mid-drive. Late at night, trying to get the vehicle back in motion, Emeka came up with the idea to create a road trip – a platform for emerging and established artists alike to embark on a trip that would take them outside their comfort zone and push them to learn more about the profession they chose.

Ray says:
“I have had a lot of memorable experiences during Invisible Borders trips, mostly with the people and their hospitality, which is synonymous with Africans. Each accomplished IB project bubbles my excitement, therein I derive my pleasure. I am really looking forward to making the next IB trip, which has a special surprise coming that some are dreading…”

Vist Ray Daniel’s blog: http://www.raydanielsokeugo.blogspot.com/

View some of his works.

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