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Text by Robin Riskin

Lucy Azubuike is on board the Invisible Borders crew as the video artist responsible for compiling all IB video documents. She joined the Invisible Borders road trip in 2009. She wanted, she said, “a wide route to the art world.” She was immediately excited by the prospect of being an IB member. “They are daring, they explore, they are fierce. That passion, they just go.”

In her personal work, Lucy explores all kinds of multi-media: photography, film, and performance, with a critical approach that questions the position of women in society and the position of mother nature in our world. She is interested in perception, expression, and the reality of the unseen.

Lucy has exhibited in Lagos, Douala, Joburg, Paris,New York ,Manchester, UK and Bern to name a few, and collaborated with Zanele Muholi for the CCA Lagos exhibition “Like A Virgin.”

Lucy obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Nigeria – Nsukka in 1999. She developed her interest in photography in 2004, when she began taking photography lessons with Prof. El Anatsui. Born in Onitsha, Nigeria and living in Abuja, she is currently studying sculpture at Savannah College of Art and Design, US.

Lucy says:
“There is something about Invisible Borders… Oh my God! I will call it a live theater. A real life game where you find yourself acting without rehearsals…

“Most of all, we learn from each other, which makes one wiser. ‘Onye njepu ka onye iso awo mma,’ Igbo people would say. It literally means that, one who travels is better than one who has grey hair.

“Figuratively, though, grey hair is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Traveling outside your domain makes you wise and gives you an edge over an old person who stays at home.”

Lucy Azubuike is a member of the Invisible Borders Trans-African photographers Organisation and a participant of the road trip in 2009 and 2010.


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