Novo Isioro – Awa

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Awa, a name which means Princess in a Cameroonian dialect. Meeting Awa Ambadiang Mendong was indeed meeting a princess. Effortlessly, she radiated grace and strength with her every word, speeches and moves. Yes! like a proud successful man she is physically built, and her works/achievement didn’t deny her of that fact. I met Charming Awa (a grandmother, who has been divorced for seventeen years, having a daughter and five grand children) negotiating and birthing dreams in the market square for twenty-two years of her life in a minute, and I got glued! The most interesting part about knowing Awa is her Grace and Self confidence. She is a qualified typist who has worked in an official corporate space but resigned to choose her part, by living her dreams to build wealth from the lots of the soil which she is still on her way to achieving. Wow! The confidence, hope and strength I draw from Awa at “Marché de Foundi”, a market square in Yaoundé-Cameroon; can never be completed in my writings.

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