Invisible Borders wins at Biennale Benin 2012

Posted: November 17, 2012 at 2:25 am by

We are happy to announce that Invisible Borders Trans-African Project received the Institut Français Award for Outstanding Project at the Biennale Benin 2012 in Cotonou. The French Ambassador to the Republic of Benin presented the award to the group during the official opening of the event on the 8th of November 2012 against the backdrop of their Installation “Carnet de Voyages” which was in display at the Biennale. This installation was an attempt to recreate the interior of the van, which has come to play a significant role in the processes of the project. We felt that the best way to present the project is to give the audience a sense of being in the van and partaking in the “view” from out of the van which in this case was the images created on the trip. We are much more interested in the performative nature of imagery rather than its photographic nature. Therefore putting up images on the wall would not have conveyed the essence of the project as this installation did.

We are extremely elated by this award, which is the first so far for the collective. This recognition is dedicated to all artists who one way or the other have participated in this Trans-African project, whose vision, passion and dedication has brought us this far, those who have offered themselves as the proverbial guinea pig in pushing forward the idea of a Trans-African exchange.

This award serves to encourage us to keep doing what we do, but beyond that bestows on us with the responsibility of transforming this into many possibilities!

Thank you and keep being part of this Trans-African Movement!

Below are images from the Installation in Cotonou, Benin

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