Cameroon – film by Lesedi Mogoatlhe

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Firstly, I’ll admit that it’s taken me forever to present another video clip concerning my findings in Cameroon- been trying to just get my head around things. Cameroon was such a layered, massive experience for me, meeting so many people, giving and receiving on several levels. When we arrived in Douala I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we somehow found ourselves in the right hands at Doula Art – a cultural center and exhibition space that serves as magnet for all kinds of creatives. After we did a press conference there, we were introduced to various creative personalities and their respective projects – which made potential collaboration an exciting reality; before we left I was already listening to a track on someone’s smartphone of the music video I had agreed to direct! (I must have been high), cause I have never shot a music video single-handedly, with absolutely no budget or equipment to speak of. Long story short, a few days later, after having a good time meeting muso’s and entertainers at Nostalgie FM- getting some cutaways etc., I was on set for Zizu’s music video, for a track called BBDM. Zizu is French-speaking, but loves how English sounds so he translates his Rap/R&B (Drake style) lyrics into English each time- which of course made things a lot easier for me. I had a great assistant Aime Moukoko who by some natural order ended up working as a fantastic production manager/assistant director/ translator/ friend and yeah, we shot a music video which is still hibernating in my hard drive. Needless to say, the questions that presented themselves to me were centered around the relevance of the music video, the music video director and artist relationship, the music video-audience relationship – an unexpected theme (Cause you’d imagine if I was to dive into the music video world, it’d probably be in Nigeria).

Anyway, what I’ve edited has nothing to do with music video’s per se, I just put together some moments in Cameroon that were really significant to me personally. I want to formally introduce an INCREDIBLE artist – Danielle Eog Makedah who speaks and blesses us with her extraordinary voice at the beginning of this clip. We delved into all kinds of stories and dialogue about her adventures making music video’s in Cameroon- most of them shot by her boyfriend under some challenging circumstances- this will all go into the final edit. And I’m sure people are starting to notice that I’m constantly having encounters with children contributing in their own special way- unrestrained, clumsy, hopeful- I love to film with children and hey, they wanted to contribute a song. This is after I stepped out of a production company called G-Music- and just behind me is the double door into the studio – music is happening – probably enticing at least one of their futures into its frequency.
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