The En Route Photo Award

Posted: September 1, 2012 at 4:36 pm by

In a bid to encourage the photographers travelling on the road trip, a weekly photo award was inaugurated. The first award was judged by a Jury constituting of Landry Mbassi (visual artist, photographer, Cameroun), Christian Nyampeta (visual artist, Rwanda/The Netherlands) and Emmanuel Iduma (writer, Nigeria).

For the week of 3-9 September, the Jury received 15 photos in all, 3 from each of the participating 5 photographers. The following criteria was used to decide on the best photograph:

  1. Context – How well did the photo speak to the idea and concept of Invisible Borders
  2. Content – What does the photograph contain?
  3. Execution – How well did the photographer’s technique in the photograph work?
  4. Compelling – Is the photograph compelling? Does it lead the viewer to ask bigger, broader questions

After hours of deliberation, the Jury announced the following images as the final three for the week of 3-9 September:

Multiple Boxes (Emeka Okereke) – 3rd Place

The Strange River (Mario Macilau) – 2nd Place

St George and The Fallen Angel (Emeka Okereke) – Winner

The winning photographer will have an increase in his per diem for the day following the evening after the award was announced. Also, a special gift would be purchased for the photographer by the female participants of the team. Most importantly, the winning photograph will be featured on the website, on the weekly newsletter and given priority when photographs are requested from the Organization.

Congratulations to Emeka Okereke for winning the first award!
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