Novo Isioro – Corporate Life – In Progress

Posted: September 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm by

In most Africa countries, the market place is an unavoidable space of visit and in fact a tourist/theorist’s attraction. My major attraction to this huge sector of the economy is the strength it radiates just like every other corporate sector in our society, even in its ‘shabby’ state. My target is the women for so many reasons which will be revealed as the project progresses. The women are usually in their uniquely undefined ‘corporate attires and robes’. They have a body and structure like women in other ‘corporate’ sectors of the economy. Invisible and silently, the market place and the women that makes up this unique space are neither inevitable nor replaceable, and (based on findings from interviews conducted with the women I photographed), I discovered the unspoken corporate life of the women, revealed in their environment and their activities. And this life deserves more than what is being accorded; the beauty of this whole project is the change which I can see.

Novo Isioro

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