Crossing The Border from Nigeria to Cameroon

Posted: September 9, 2012 at 8:20 am by


This video was made during the Invisible Borders Road Trip Project 2012. The Team makes an attempt to traverse the border from Nigeria to Cameroon, but they got stuck on this road for three days! Since the independence of the two countries this road has always been like this, in fact, it has never been any real road for vehicles; it is literally an expanded pathway. It has been like this for over 50 years, more over it is the only road leading from the only official border post between the two countries from the South of Cameroon. This is to say that during rainy season movement across both countries is rendered impossible or at least a nightmare (literally). A quote from Emmanuel Iduma’s recount of the Journey reads a follows: “How reasonable is it that a road that establishes a connection — a trade connection, a socio-cultural connection — is in such condition? What becomes of the African Union, and their regular summits? What is the developmental role of the Africa Development Bank? A lie has continually been repeated to the peoples of both countries, the people living at the border — they have been told that their leaders care, that their leaders acknowledge their existence”

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