Spaces of Music (1) – Lesedi Mogoatlhe

Posted: August 27, 2012 at 5:41 pm by

This clip was taken at Benin in Nigeria- a stop we made as we travelled from Lagos to Aba. I’m planning to capture spaces of music, musicians I find along the way- the term being flexible in that I will also focus on people who aren’t necessarily professional muso’s- who maybe just have music in them, or control the environment through music. At this stop, I just captured what was happening when the music was blasting at this market- the guy who owns the sound said he spent 12 or sometimes 24 hours selecting what sound goes out there. Before the gospel track that is the soundtrack to this clip- was Bob Marley’s ‘War’. Not sure what will come of it, it’s only the beginning- but I’m somewhere between looking at how music works in each space and how a space defines itself through music- or sound.

This was the first run I had with using the Canon 7D alongside the Marantz recorder and it was a little challenging to immerse yourself within a space and engage with people committedly while trying to remember to sync sound and so on. I used the 70mm-300mm lens, which I’m now going to use as my secondary lens- I’m in need of a wide-angle as I don’t want to spend too much time pulling focus. Tomorrow the journey continues- and everything including ourselves will continue to unravel. I hope to put up some interviews over the next few days. – Lesedi Mogoatlhe
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