Images from Khartoum, Sudan

Posted: November 29, 2011 at 11:45 am
Emeka Okereke: 
Emeka has been preoccupied by what he calls ‘fragments of moments.’ Nana says there is a poetic stillness in his work.

Twin Walk - Khartoum


Twin Walk II - Khartoum


Hangout at the Nile - Khartoum


Silk and Signs - Khartoum


Lined up Colours - Khartoum


Basking in Space - Khartoum


Juvenile exuberance


Gabana Ladies - Khartoum


Shadows, Lights and Signs - Khartoum


Barred by Sign


Jumoke Sanwo
Jumoke’s project on the trip has been the ‘Faces Project.’ For more on Jumoke’s project, read her conversation with Emmanuel.

Khartoum Day 2-4


Khartoum Day 2-7


Khartoum Day 2-8


Khartoum Day 2-9


Khartoum Day 2-10


Khartoum Day 2-12


Khartoum Day 2-14


Khartoum Day 2-17


Ala Kheir
Ala’s project is titled ‘In Progress.’ He is preoccupied with making portraits of buildings under construction.

In Progress 1


In Progress 2



In Progress 3


In Progress 4


In Progress 5


In Progress 6

In Progress 7


In Progress 8


In Progress 9


Kemi Akin-Nibosun
To find out about her Kemi imposes herself in her work, read her conversation with Emmanuel

2000 Bridge - Addis Ababa


Camel Boy 2 - Khartoum





PWE Girls


Ray-Daniels Okeugo
Ray-Daniels has captured, in a certain dreamy way, the essence of Khartoum.



Iya tea


Dua Dua




Trade 1


Soccer star


Trade 3


Trade 5


Trade 6

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