Looking Through These Windows Called Invisible Borders by Chidinma Nnorom

Posted: May 6, 2010 at 3:27 pm

I have heard and read about it, but now I see it clearly. It has been a very wonderful experience for me so far, going through these roads, crossing the ‘borders’, and meeting the people in these lands.

In Ghana, I see a very different people and environment, very kind and loving, despite an ugly experience we had with the students of KNUST. “Freedom and Justice” they say, is their watchword, and I cannot deny that I enjoyed a part of that. Entering the French colonies, I see a very strong influence by the French on these people, and it really tells on their way of life and persons, at the borders: they tend to be so difficult, but what more could it have been? Why were we colonized? We have to face it, build the borders or break them. The choice is ours.

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